Jenna is amazing. I had horrible back pain for weeks. When I got Jenna she massaged a lot of tightness and knots in my back–but there was still an unexplained pain. Jenna told me it was likely pain radiating from a muscle in the front of my ribcage. Sure enough–when she barely touched that muscle it was awful pain! She was careful and managed to fix it–weeks of back pain, caused by pain in my ribs!

Jenna is very knowledgeable about how the different muscles affect each other, along with how everyday activities impact muscle tightness and pain.

I was well on my way to having to go to doctors, get pain medications, and who knows what else. Seeing Jenna has fixed that and I don’t have any back pain anymore. I am a regular client and I consider seeing Jenna as important as physical therapy and WAY better than being in pain meds!!

Angie Leftwich Tabat