Massage therapy can help relieve stress as well as help release tension and painful areas throughout your body. Here at Invisions Day Spa in Central Texas, we offer several kinds of massage therapy, all designed to help you heal, relax, and feel better. From hot stone massages to sports massages, the best massage therapists in Temple work at Invisions Day Spa. Keep scrolling to see what kind of massages and luxury spa services we offer, or contact Invisions Day Spa to answer any questions you might have. Schedule a massage online in Central Texas today with one of our amazing massage therapists.

Massage add-ons $25 for 15m: Foot, Hand, Scalp
Face & Scalp Hot Stone Foot Heel Therapy


$40 (30m) | $55 (45m) | $65 (60m) | $90 (90m)

A relaxing full body massage.

Deep Tissue / Trigger Point

$50 (30m) | $65 (45m) | $75 (60m) | $110 (90m)

Slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on
chronic muscle tension.


$65 (45m) | $75 (60m) | $110 (90m)

Used before, during or after sport events to help
prevent injuries.

Hot Stone

$55 (30) | $75 (60m)

Black lava rocks are used to soothe and relax by
transmitting heat, deep into the muscles.


$50 (30m) | $75 (60m)

A healthy way to reduce stress and discomforts of
pregnancy and promote overall wellness for mom
and baby.
Pregnancy pillow available upon request.
(minimum of 12 weeks)

Foot Reflexology

$30 (30m)

Pressure points corresponding to different parts of
the body are used to focus on relieving aches and