Massage add-ons $25 for 15m: Foot, Hand, Scalp
Face & Scalp Hot Stone Foot Heel Therapy


$40 (30m) | $55 (45m) | $65 (60m) | $90 (90m)

A relaxing full body massage.

Deep Tissue / Trigger Point

$50 (30m) | $65 (45m) | $75 (60m) | $110 (90m)

Slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on
chronic muscle tension.


$65 (45m) | $75 (60m) | $110 (90m)

Used before, during or after sport events to help
prevent injuries.

Hot Stone

$55 (30) | $75 (60m)

Black lava rocks are used to soothe and relax by
transmitting heat, deep into the muscles.


$50 (30m) | $75 (60m)

A healthy way to reduce stress and discomforts of
pregnancy and promote overall wellness for mom
and baby.
Pregnancy pillow available upon request.
(minimum of 12 weeks)

Foot Reflexology

$30 (30m)

Pressure points corresponding to different parts of
the body are used to focus on relieving aches and

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